• Feature-packed
  • No need to root or jailbreak
  • Uninstall applications in bulk
  • Access all of your files and media in one application


  • Some lag
  • Initial installation of drivers takes some time

Very good

Moborobo is an application that is designed to let iOS and Android users control every file on their phones.

One of the problems with Android is that there is no official desktop application to help move files on and off. Apple devices have the venerable iTunes, but lots of users are not fans of the program, claiming that it's bloated.

Enter Moborobo. This application was designed to let users control every file on their devices. There's no need to jailbreak or root - unless you want to use its wi-fi feature. Moborobo will allow you to view, upload, and download everything from photos and videos to applications and ringtones to your device. Moborob will even uninstall applications in bulk for you.

The initial launch of Moborobo can be a bit frustrating as it will need to installdrivers for your phone. For a complete list of supported devices, take a look at this list. Users can connect to Moborobo using a USB cable or over a wi-fi network if rooted. Performance was decent, but there was some interface lag at times.

There are also sections to download more wallpapers, ringtones, and applications but they were not completely fleshed out in this beta version. Still, Moborobo is stable enough and has enough usable features to make it a good application to manage files on your devices.

Overall, Moborobo is a great application for controlling the files on your device. This is especially true for Android users.

Moborobo supports the following formats

To see full list of supported devices, please visit:




User reviews about Moborobo

  • by Anonymous

    thanq i am happy b cuse this app impoerss me and solve any problem.   More

  • by Anonymous

    Thanks Moborobo. Because of this software i am able to connect my phone Mic.
    Thanks Moborobo. Because of this so...   More